Ann Fryer loves nothing more than using story and romance to relay the depths and graciousness of a Father who holds us securely in the palms of His hands.

With the gift of God’s time, She writes specifically within the 1880’s time frame with some personal, mud-under-the nails experience. Her time travel experience has been mind blowing! Just kidding. Day dreaming her surroundings from a young age, she’s lived in historic homes most of her life and regularly participates in back yard archaeology. When she’s not writing historical projects, her contemporary novels show a flavor of her forever-passion for all things old, and her father’s coming-of-age memories keep her laughing.

She also spends time enjoying the nuances of being a white mom to three African-American heritage kiddos, which she will explore on an upcoming website! It’s going to be awesome-sauce. AND HERE IT IS! http://whitemomblackkids.com

Ann, her husband, and children make their home in Small Town, Illinois where they can hear church bells keep time and tradition.

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