Favorite Books

I can’t help but share some of my favorite books and authors. Here they are!

GEORGE MACDONALD Tops my list as THE WRITER whose words don’t seek to just tell a story, but pull the reader’s spirit through the weaving of his words. You will be undeniably led to beautiful face of Christ. Which one to begin with? Close your eyes and choose. Or here’s a good list to start. Many of his books contain Scottish brogue, so you might be interested in reading the edited versions by Michael Phillips:

The Peasant Girl’s Dream, The Poet’s Homecoming, The Minister’s Restoration, The Fisherman’s Lady, The Marquis Secret, The Highlander’s Last Song…and more. And if you love them, check out his work in the original, and you won’t be sorry. Most of the novels should be free on Kindle download.

GRACE LIVINGSTON HILL This lady. After her husband died young, she found a way to support her daughter by writing sweet romance novels. Far more simple reads than Macdonald’s work, you’ll still gain a sense of all that her name exudes: grace. As a young teen, these books offered romance encapsulated within fine manners, charming atmospheres, and a gentle measure by which to dream of my future spouse. Some of my favorite titles include: Happiness Hill, Crimson Roses, Astra, The Enchanted Barn, The Substitute Guest, The Street of the City, Partners, April Gold, Found Treasure–and so many more!

DOROTHY ADAMEK! Yes, please. This Australian author has a way with words that keeps me coming back for more. Elegant, exquisite, heart-tugging historical romance that checks all the boxes. These stories aren’t merely read and forgotten. Totally take my word for it! Check out her website here: https://dorothyadamek.com/

Danielle Grandinetti at https://daniellegrandinetti.com/ writes clean, romantic suspense stories that keep the reader guessing. I love all two of them! Thankfully, it looks like more books are in the works–one will be released just before the holidays. Another great thing about this author is that she is also a book reviewer. I regularly visit her site to check out new publications–so helpful!