Time Told


Sly Ole Santy and the Three Wise Men: a Seventh Son story

Little Alan sat in front of the old “Warm Morning” coal stove, his backside, a mite warmer than it had been in the early frigid morning—so cold that ice had formed around the inner edges of his window sill. He’d picked a small piece off to slip down brother Paul’s shirt. Probably a good thing… Continue reading Sly Ole Santy and the Three Wise Men: a Seventh Son story

Old Things

Backyard Archaeology

It's a fine pursuit, digging around in one's very own domestic patch. A glimpse of a curve, a twist, a depression in the ground may lead to manifold discovery. These bottle were found over a year's time A jolt of glee surges as an object is freed from the press of time and dirt. How… Continue reading Backyard Archaeology

7th Son Stories

Seventh Son

Lil' Alan and Danny The banjo began as dusk sank over the mountain. A single twang and then another climbed atop each other, up and down the scale. The dobro, guitar, and fiddle twined with the melody...But it always began with the banjo. Little Alan's pulse quickened as he sat by the trickling stream. Lightening… Continue reading Seventh Son


All Through The Night

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven-- Ecclesiastes 3:1 Sometimes I want to push time forward, push aside the misty curtain that hold us all back from the intriguing future, and see--just a glimpse. Just to know, be certain. As if looking across the vast,… Continue reading All Through The Night


Wither, Whisper

"Now! says Time, and lifts his finger,and the leaf on the lime may not linger. When Time utters Now! and lifts his finger, the oakleaf flutters and drifts..." E. Farjeon I've been busy--I suspect you have been too. My words have been flying in all directions but here...from multiple book proposals to writing a new… Continue reading Wither, Whisper